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  • Montgomery Educational Article of the Month - How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

How to keep raccoons out from under a shed or porch

When a raccoon lives under the shed or the deck in January or in September, it has to be assumed to be a mother that has the babies. You should be careful since you may end up making the babies orphans. The raccoons normally will move the babies if they feel that they are frightened, however evicting the mother raccoon will always run the risk of having to abandon the babies or to become separated away from the babies.

When you have the Alabama raccoons under the shed or the deck, the first option to try out is not doing anything. The raccoons may not live underground for a long period so when the summer ends, they may move when it is time to leave their den and also to disperse the family groups. When you do not want the raccoons to enter into the first place, you should close all the entry points to make sure that the Alabama raccoons do not enter in the future.

The mother Montgomery raccoon lives under the shed or deck since it is a safe and dark place for her babies. When the area is made to smell, to sound, or to have too much light, it is going to be convinced that it is not living in the safe place so it will have to leave with her babies to go somewhere else.

You can place the bright light on the entrance of the den both outside and inside. You need to make sure that the light is fire-safe. The raccoons are normally nocturnal and they will not come near your Alabama home when you install birth lights near their entrance. You can tune in a talk station to your radio and to place it at the den entrance. The music will not chase away the Montgomery raccoons but the sounds of the human voices are normally threatening.

You should soak the rags into the ammonia and Apple Cider Vinegar and to put them in the plastic bag. You should poke the holes so that the smell can escape and put near the den of the Montgomery raccoon. Even if the scent deterrent may not be that effective, it may help when it is used in the combination with other methods.

Whatever method you use, you have to persist and to be patient. You have to keep everything going for 3 days and also for 3 nights. You have to be persistent so that you can convince Montgomery raccoons to go away. When you have tried the methods of chasing the raccoons away, you have to test to make sure that the raccoons have left for really. You can use the mesh into the ground to make sure that the Alabama raccoons or other animals are kept away of your home. Normally, it is not a good idea to trap and to relocate the raccoons.

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