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  • Montgomery Educational Article of the Month - What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

What are some humane ways to kill a skunk in a cage?

Killing a skunk in a cage doesn’t have to go the wrong way, for instance, it is ideal to set a body-grip trap in the first place, to ensure that the animal does not get injured until it bleeds to death. The use of chemical poisons are strictly prohibited I many countries, for the killing of Alabama skunks, and the reason being that such killing is not humane. There are few humane ways of killing a skunk that has already been trapped without subjecting it to serious pains , these are; shooting, and injecting it with a lethal substance.

The use of shooting as an humane method of killing a skunk is recommended in rural areas where there are less human traffic, this will prevent the accidental shooting of humans or other Montgomery animals. Shooting a skunk may be humane, however, there are some associated risks such as the blood of the animal which might have been contaminated with rabies or some other infections. You need to ensure that you wear protective clothing and with your face covered to ensure that you don’t have contact with the blood or saliva of the animal.

The use of lethal traps is another human way to kill a Montgomery skunk in a cage. Though, lethal traps can be difficult to use sometimes but the best option is to use a spring-loaded Connibear trap . This trap is capable of snapping down an animal that has been trapped , and then chokes the animal to death. You need to make sure that other animals such as dogs and cats in the neighbourhood do not move close to the lethal traps because they can get caught up too.

Drowning is not considered human in many countries of the world, and you may be charged for using such cruel methods on animals. Drowning is painful and it takes a long time to kill the animal. Injecting a skunk with a lethal substance such as acetone is considered more human because it kills the animal within few seconds of the injection thus, it doesn’t have to suffer too long before death. It is inhumane to use aggressive animals such as dogs to kill skunks in a cage, neither is it humane to use heavy metal to smash the head of a Alabama skunk in a cage. It is more suitable to call an animal care center or rehabilitator to help handle a skunk in a cage rather than kill the animal.

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